• Reinstalled Awaita theme crashed desktop

    I am unable to use the mouse as the desktop crashed while trying to reinstall the Awaita Theme. can only access the terminal please advise code to remove awaita and return to orginal Mate theme and stable desktop. Thank you!

  • @keymessage said in Reinstalled Awaita theme crashed desktop:

    I am unable to use the mouse as the desktop crashed while trying to reinstall the Awaita Theme. can only access the terminal please advise code to remove awaita…

    I never used any Adwaita themes (cursor, Gtk, icons), so can’t speak about it.

    …and return to orginal Mate theme and stable desktop.

    If with “return to stable desktop” you mean a return from Mate 1.14.0 to 1.12.1, then it’s easy to do it.

    1. Move the [antergos] repo to the bottom of repos list in /etc/pacman.conf; it must be the last repo in the list

    2. Force repos databases update and run a normal pacman upgrade allowing downgrades:

      sudo pacman -Syyuu
    3. Log out and back in

    4. Done. You’re at Mate 1.12.1

    Cross-posting the same question in different subforums is a bad practice. It only increments a confusion and doesn’t help to solve a problem faster.

  • My problem is related to using the Awaita Theme, which has basically frozen the desktop and if there is a way to remove it without further crashing that would be great! Thank you for the advice! In future I will keep any questions to the subject topic.

  • @keymessage Perhaps there is a line of code to remove Awaita and whatever is dependant, which is causing the freeze of applications? I am unable to change to a more stable theme because the theme icon refuses to launch.

  • @just Dear Just Thanks for trying to help me, but what I really need to do is remove everything I installed on the last theme. In fact if I could somehow remove the the themes and reinstall them perhaps this problem would go away. However, I am locked into a theme that doesn’t work and to complicate issues all of my office work is on lock down because of this issue! I would be very thankful if you could suggest some code to remove most of these themes and get me set up with the default option? I don’t have a back up of all of my work so I am kind of desperate! Thanks!

  • @keymessage Sorry, but your posts are too generic. They don’t provide any technical detail, any useful info, any basis for eventual suggestions or advices.

    Moreover, I don’t use defautt themes, neither Adwaita nor Numix. I know less then nothing about them.

    Let’s try to move slowly. Don’t comment on this post, just answer the questions. As briefly as you can.

    1. Do you confirm to use Mate as DE (yes/no)?

    2. If yes, what Mate version do you have (1.12 or 1.14)? If you don’t know the answer, reply with full output of the command

      mate-session --version
    3. If you use Mate, how did you manage to install Adwaita theme (reply with the command used to install it)? I even don’t see Adwaita GTK theme in standard repos; there’s something in AUR only.

    4. What does “can only access the terminal” mean? Does the graphical DE start (yes/no)?

    Depending on the answers, other questions may arise.

  • mate-session --version
    Gtk-Message: Failed to load module “atk-bridge”
    mate-session 1.12.1
    AUR Repository
    I have partial access of the desktop

  • @keymessage The graphical DE as I understand partially works, but only allows me access to a web browser and my email and is unresponsive when trying to access the theme panel. I didn’t use any terminal commands just loaded Awaita from the AUR Repository.
    As above I confirm I am using Antergos Mate.

    I also thought that if I attempt to update the Mate platform it would fix the conflict this is the message I got: mate-session --version
    Gtk-Message: Failed to load module “atk-bridge”
    mate-session 1.12.1
    [[email protected] ~]$ mate-session 1.12.1
    Gtk-Message: Failed to load module “atk-bridge”
    mate-session[1216]: WARNING: Failed to acquire org.gnome.SessionManager
    sudo pacman -Syyu

  • @keymessage Ok.

    Please, show me up all installed foreign packages. Post back here the full output of the command, including the command itself:

    pacman -Qm

    Another thing. From terminal, run the command


    Depending on number of themes installed, it could take up to some minutes to open. Be patient. Ignore all output in terminal.

    • does the Appearance Preferences window open?
    • can you select / change GTK theme (the 1st tab) from within this window?

    It’s time to go to sleep here. We’ll continue tomorrow.

  • Ok what time would be good to post or communicate? pacman -Qm
    gimp-apng 0.1.0-6
    gtk-theme-mist-redmond 1.2-2
    gtk3-theme-mist-git r18.8a9ddc2.1-1
    librecad-git 2.1.0_alpha_91_g13716b4-1
    libreoffice-extension-altsearch 1.4-2
    libreoffice-extension-languagetool 3.3-1
    libreoffice-extension-pagination 1.3.10-3
    libreoffice-extension-vrt-network-equipment 1.2.0-2
    libreoffice-extension-writer2epub 1.1.28-3
    libreoffice-installer 1.4.1-1
    libreoffice-style-elementary 0.2-2
    mintstick-git r153.198e14a-1
    popcorntime-bin 0.3.9-6
    python2-pyparted 3.10.7-1
    sound-theme-lbr-calc 1.0-1
    [[email protected] ~]$ mate-appearance-properties
    bash: mate-appearance-properties: command not found
    [[email protected] ~]$ mate-appearance-properties
    bash: mate-appearance-properties: command not found
    [[email protected] ~]$

  • The situation is worse than it seemed initially. The system is more dead than alive.

    A more appropriate way, than forum’s posts exchange, would be needed to diagnoze it properly. Unfortunately, I have no a magic spell to recover it.

    It’s difficult to see an alternative to save your data - those that are possible to save - and reinstall the system.

    If you do that, in the future:

    • avoid using AUR
    • keep all user data in a separate partition
    • learn to backup and restore partitions with clonezilla or fsarchiver
    • run backups as frequently as possible

    Good luck

  • @just Would you be able to suggest any command line for transferring my data into an external HD? Unfortunately too much data loss is hard to live down! What if I creat another user and approach it from that angle?

  • @keymessage Usage: useradd [options] LOGIN
    useradd -D
    useradd -D [options]

    -b, --base-dir BASE_DIR base directory for the home directory of the
    new account
    -c, --comment COMMENT GECOS field of the new account
    -d, --home-dir HOME_DIR home directory of the new account
    -D, --defaults print or change default useradd configuration
    -e, --expiredate EXPIRE_DATE expiration date of the new account
    -f, --inactive INACTIVE password inactivity period of the new account
    -g, --gid GROUP name or ID of the primary group of the new
    -G, --groups GROUPS list of supplementary groups of the new
    -h, --help display this help message and exit
    -k, --skel SKEL_DIR use this alternative skeleton directory
    -K, --key KEY=VALUE override /etc/login.defs defaults
    -l, --no-log-init do not add the user to the lastlog and
    faillog databases
    -m, --create-home create the user’s home directory
    -M, --no-create-home
    Would this be an option, and if so what steps should I take to create some recovery of the system or at worse my files?

  • @keymessage said in Reinstalled Awaita theme crashed desktop:

    …What if I creat another user and approach it from that angle?

    If the system is damaged only at a user-level and not system-wide, it could help. But it will help only with GUI., which will eventually work for new user. In terminal both current and new users will be identical one to another.

    I’m afraid that your system is broken really bad. It’s a nonsense that bash can’t find mate-appearance-properties in Mate. It’s like running Linux without kernel - impossible.

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