• Problem with instalation "Cnchi can't continue. Error 158907"

    This is the thirth time trying to install it.

    “Cant install necessary packpages. Cnchi can’t continue.”
    Please reference the following number when reportint this
    error: 158907

    The /temp text http://pastebin.com/nDesEdL8

  • By fourth time:

    “Can’t isntall the necessary packpages. Cnchi can’t continue.”


  • To solve i have to do this:
    1º Execute this on terminal

    sudo pacman -S pacman-mirrorlist antergos-mirrorlist
    sudo mv /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.pacnew /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

    2º After o go to /etc/pacman.d/ and open antergos-mirrorlist and remove “#” from mirrors in my region (Brazil)

    3º Update

    sudo pacman -Syy

    4º Run Cnchi

    sudo -E cnchi -dv

    Just this steps!

  • Good instructions for future reference!
    Thanks and welcome!

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