• Cannot choose the default theme on mate

    I just wanted to test the different themes of mate, so I tried them in ‘Appearance’

    Now I want to go back to the default theme. I cannot find it in ‘Appearance’. (There I have 9 themes - no one is the default theme).

    Any Idea? (What’s the name of the default theme?)

    Edit: Now I’ve lost the menu [I think its name is the mate-menu, it has a dash function] on the left of the panel.

  • @ron If you did not save the default theme, it is most likely gone. You can customize any theme to your liking by clicking, ‘Customize’ and save it with a new theme name after you finished editing.

    Not sure what you mean by, 'I’ve lost the menu '. If you mean the start/menu button on the left side of the panel, just right click on the panel and choose: add to panel and choose one of the Mate-menu options. If you meant any of the options in the window bar, change the window bar theme. Themes - customize - controls.
    If you meant something else, please could you explain more about your problem.

  • Ok, thanks. The customization works.
    I was wondering why the default theme is not saved automatically.

    My second question was about the mint-menu. I can find in the list, I can click on the ‘+’ (add-button) but this doesn’t work.
    It happens nothing. But there is another thread with this problem:

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