• Desktop freezes on connecting TV via HDMI Cable

    KDE Plasma Version: 5.6.4
    KDE Frameworks Version: 5.22.0
    QT Version: 5.6.0
    Kernel Version: 4.6.2-1ARCH
    OS Type: 64-bit

    Core i7-4712MQ @ 2.3GHz
    Integrated Intel Graphics

    I have used Antergos Gnome successfully in the past and been very pleased with it. Having been on Kubuntu for a while now with the Plasma desktop I’ve got myself addicted to KDEConnect and its lovely integration with the desktop.
    I thought I’d give Antergos KDE a go to get the latest & greatest software and it has been working a treat except when I connect an extra monitor (in this case my TV) via HDMI. As soon as connected the TV lights up with part of my desktop but the desktop immediately freezes up apart from the mouse pointer - clicking on stuff has no effect. Disconnecting the HDMI cable frees up the desktop.

    Any help greatly appreciated. If it’s a known bug, I’ll add my name to the bug list but if it’s something extra I need to install or configure, I would like to try that first.

    NOTE: It all worked fine on Kubuntu 16.04 but that would be an older Plasma version.

    Many thanks.

  • Well, I think the latest updates may have fixed the issue - but I’ll wait a while before marking this as solved.

    Even after the updates and a reboot, I had to set the compositor to xrender before the external display would show up in ‘display configuration’. I then set it up as I wanted it and returned the compositor to GLX. The desktop doesn’t freeze now when I unplug and replug the HDMI cable.


  • I see you’ve worked around the issue, but I’ll throw my two cents in regardless. I have had some issues (different but similar) with kwin not doing stuff correctly when I plugged in a different device.
    You can use this script to restart kwin if there’s a problem — start it manually or put it in autostart.

    while (true) ; do  #Do this forever
    if ps aux | grep -v grep | grep kwin ; then       # if kwin is running
      if ps aux | grep Tl | grep -q kwin ; then       # if Kwin is crashed
        for i in $(ps aux | grep Tl | grep kwin | awk {'print $2'}); do
          kill -9 $i                                  # kill every crashed instance of kwin, just in case
      kwin_x11 --replace 2>&1 1>/dev/null &           # Start it back up again
      sleep 5                                         # Wait a bit
      notify-send "Kwin crashed and was restarted"
      echo "Kwin crashed and was restarted"
      sleep 10 
    else                                              # Kwin isn't running.
       kwin_x11 --replace 2>&1 1>/dev/null &

    It’s a workaround, not a fix though.

  • Thanks Tamius Han,

    I shall keep that in reserve. I have been really happy with kwin in its latest Plasma 5 guise - it’s come on a lot since the early KDE4 days. Other than the HDMI issue it has been fault free for me, so far :-)

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