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    Hello: I`ve readed the Notification a few minutes ago, after last system update. When you say: “If you have not modified your pacman configuration file in any way from the default that came when you installed Antergos then you can simply replace your current file located at /etc/pacman.conf with the modified version located at /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew”…How I must to make the “replace” operation? Must erase the original file and rename the new file?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my very basic question

  • @just Thanks a lot! How I mark the topic as Solved?

  • @Pandalinux

    1. Open the topic
    2. There’s [Topic Tools] button in the lower right corner
    3. Click it, the popup menu will open
    4. Select [Mark as Solved] option from it
    5. Done
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