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    So, I know for many of you this is obvious. I apologize in advance. My terminal just told me to update my /etc/pacman.conf (I have never modified it by the way). The file /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew is now present in the same folder. What am I supposed to do exctly?

  • @Giuliano said in /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew:

    …(I have never modified it by the way)…

    If it’s true, then simply overwrite the existing /etc/pacman.conf with the new one.

    1. Backup and “remove” the current (working) /etc/pacman.conf by renaming it:

      sudo mv /etc/pacman.conf /etc/pacman.conf-backup
    2. Re-create it from .pacnew, preserving the source file:

      sudo cp /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew /etc/pacman.conf
    3. Done


    1. Backup the existing /etc/pacman.conf - copy it to another file

    2. Open /etc/pacman.conf in text editor (as root)

    3. With copy-paste replace all its content with those from /etc/pacman.conf.pacnew

    Remember to force repos databases update with double-y -yy option during the first pacman execution after modifying the /etc/pacman.conf content:

    sudo pacman -Syyu

    Good luck

  • Thank you, i’ll give it a shot

  • Ok, it seems to have worked. Thank you so much.

  • @Giuliano You’re welcome. Can you please mark the topic as [Solved] then?

  • delete original, change the name of the new one to the old one. I did back up my original though, that is a wise thing to do. So far I’ve had no issues. Except the most updates I’ve ever had the past couple days

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