I’m having trouble with a system hang on shutdown.
MacBook Pro 2015, dual boot with OSX, 8G ram, 158 G SSD, retina display
This is a fresh install of Arch with KDE Plasma 5.6 DE. I had a stable system three weeks ago, but began experiencing these crashes. I decided to start over and reinstall. But the crashes continue with the fresh install.
The display (system) crashes on shutdown randomly , but not every time - maybe once every 3 or 4 shutdowns.
On shutdown the display either hangs on a black screen (I’m unable to interact and must hard reset) OR the system hangs on a garbled (like static) screen (again must hard reset).
I’ve manage to capture the system journal log from the last time this happened, but am not having any luck interpreting what it means. So many error messages!
Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I will add what ever information might help.
journalctl output from time of crash: https://nopaste.me/view/3477f5ac