• Changing Resolution

    I just installed antergos with kde and it is beautiful. The only problem is that I can’t pick 1600x1200 for my resolution. The wonderful people in the IRC helped me make a 20-monitors.conf file in xorg.conf.d with the contents being this http://slexy.org/view/s2Vdpbcvk7 but my resolution is still 1024x768 and not 1600x1200.

  • Is the computer directly hooked up to the monitor?

    I ask because I had a computer that was hooked up to a sound system before the signal went on to the monitor and the sound system intermediate interfered in what resolutions I was able to pick. Once I hooked up the computer directly to the monitor, I was able to select any of the monitor’s supported resolutions.

  • Did you install in Virtualbox or directly on hard-disk?

  • @dondy My computer is connected to my monitor with a VGA cable.

  • @axioma it is installed to my main computer.

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