• Firefox/Flash freezing the computer.

    I just had another bad freeze while watching youtube. Oddly this has happened twice and both times were watching Monster Bug Wars. I just wonder a couple things, is it because of Flash or could firefox be the problem? Is there a way to find what went wrong because it cause the system to reboot? I don’t know a ton so is there a log file someone could point me to? Thank you all.

  • Actually, FF doesn t need flash fot you tube, but HTML5. Can you make sure of it? Is this the only instance you get these freezes and reboots?
    Also, what happens if you do the same with Chromium?

    Firefox got upgraded to 47.0 yesterday. Are you ok with that?

  • @anarch Well that is my mistaken assuption. But yes it’s the only time I have had such a bad freeze, youtube on Firefox. I haven’t had any trouble out of Chromium, however since Hal was updated I installed it so I can watch Hulu and I need firefox for that. I have openend Chromium back up for youtube for now.

  • @mikelp1973

    But yes it’s the only time I have had such a bad freeze, youtube on Firefox.

    Yes, but is it the only instace (Monster bug wars on you tube) where you have the issue? Or it genarally crashes when you are on you tube?

  • @anarch It’s no huge deal I can use FireFox for Hulu only and Chromium for everything else. It’s faster anyway.

  • @mikelp1973

    Chromium for everything else. It’s faster anyway.

    Ok then Firefox 48.0 this August gives promises, however.

  • @anarch Oh yeah, both times have been watching Monster Bug Wars. I don’t know why that would be. Youtube seems fine on everything else.

  • @mikelp1973 Which flash package are you using for firefox?

  • @Wyn flashplugin is what’s installed. I have pepperflash for Chromium.

  • @mikelp1973 Hmm strange, I use the same and firefox.

  • @Wyn I know. I feel bad instinctively blaming Flash. I am looking forward to Firefox 48. I don’t have anything for or against either browser except that Chromium is faster for me. But I don’t have a tv, and right now with my leg broken keeping it elevated has been easiest at the computer. I have surgery in 2 days to put plates and screws in (it was a severe break, ripped tendons) so I’m gonna be spending a lot of time right here. But it’s been nice to tweak my Gnome shell theme/icons and just really tweak the whole system. I really love Antergos.

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