• Adding an entry into the Gnome 3 panel

    Hi. I have an app that runs directly from a file in the download directory. There’s no entry for it in the Applications. I want to add the app to my left-side panel (favorites). After opening the app, I see it in the favorites panel, but right clicking doesn’t give me the option of pinning it there.

    Any thoughts on how I can do this? Thanks.

  • @Jeffrey-Needle

    • as root, create the .desktop file for your app in the
    • the physical file name doesn’t matter; name it as you wish, for example, new-app.desktop
    • what matters, is the value in the Name= instuction in the .desktop file; you’ll see the file with this name in file managers
    • if you name it as Name=My-App with a physical file name new-app.desktop, then in Nautilus you’ll see My-App, not new-app
    • put the command that runs the app in the Exec= instruction; it may be of any complexity
    • put the full path to the icon file you wish to use for the new app into the Icon= instruction; preferably it should be a .png icon

    Once the .desktop file is crreated, it will behave as any other standard Gnome app:

    • it will be present in Applications Overview
    • it will be possible to add it to Favorites
    • it will be visible in various Gnome Shell menu extensions
    • it will be possible to add it to any dock

    Good luck

  • Thanks! I’ll give it a go.

  • Thanks to you, too.

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