• Martin Wimpress (Mate DE): No moving back to Arch or derivatives

    The question to be answered is when Arc Linux will get a PATE maintainer…

    "I was an Arch Linux user by this time and happily using GNOME3, but I created a custom Arch Linux image with MATE to install on my family’s computers. They had their familiar desktop environment back, but the MATE builds on Arch were incomplete and somewhat buggy at that time. I started contributing upstream to fix MATE issues, which ultimately led to me becoming a core member of the MATE team and an Arch Linux TU maintaining MATE Desktop. This helped improve MATE, and wedded bliss was restored. Win!

    Sadly, Arch Linux is an attention whore. Trying to keep multiple Arch Linux computers ticking over from a distance was a burden.

    “Even though I’m currently an Arch Linux TU, for the reasons I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t move to Arch or one of its derivatives. I’m very involved in Debian and could recreate the vast majority of Ubuntu MATE on top of Debian and continue to provide an operating system that my family and friends can use”.

  • Well this is why Manjaro has taken up Mates development, perhaps a partnership between the two distros to maintain it may come to pass.

  • FYI, so did Antergos. I don t know if there are any plans for the two distros to co operate to maintain it, but this is up to their devs, actually.

  • Well only for the developers mutual interest of course

  • @anarch You know I’ve only ever donated to two Distros, Antergos and Mint. I wasn’t holding back or anything, it’s just things like this. It makes Atergos matter to me and I realize that I want it to be around and all that I have is a few of my hard earned dollars to put forth. Started with Linux around 1998 or so. Mandrake. X would not start, and I was a trucker on the road at the time. No internet, no help. Found a copy of “Linux for Dummies” at a book store at a mall. It was a good book. Tought me so much. I found a love for Linux through suffering, oddly. I’m sorry.

  • Hopefully Arch get there new Mate packages :)

  • @ringo32 , It won t take long. AFAIK, it will take some couple of days to move into the main repo…

  • i am no mate user, but for mate users is good :)

  • @anarch I don’t understand, is Antergos going to maintain Mate for the distro itself?

  • I’ve also donated to Antergos and Mate for the first time. Now I’m on Manjaro - And don’t feel the need to donate at the time. You can see that I miss Antergos. It’s not even that it ain’t the latest and greatest it’s just for me other stuff stoped behaving nicely with mate. Especially at the time the Pamac RC and updates. I know there’s a fix for everything right? But the main motivation for using a rolling distro as a stable system is to have a path to upgrade and maintainance.

  • stable system is always an perception, even on fixed release you can have issues… it will come always sooner o r later… but personal i dont like huge chunks of update everytime, altrhough you can always wait out some stuf.

    Well mate willl surely come to antergos its just mather of time :)

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