• Antergos Installer - Error

    vor etwa einer Woche gelang die Installation mit antergos-minimal-2016.05.24-x86_64.iso auf Anhieb problemlos. Der Versuch einer Neuinstallation mit der Version antergos-minimal-2016.05.24-x86_64.iso scheiterte mittlerweile zum siebten Mal mit der Fehlermeldung “Antergos Installer - Error”
    ‘Installation notwendiger Pakete nicht möglich. Cnchi kann nicht fortgesetzt werden’
    Please reference the following number when reporting this error: 148509|148595|148812|149418|149459|149527 | 151733
    Die Errorcodes sind nicht zielführend - sieht eher nach einem Zähler aus.
    Folgendes habe ich inzwischen versucht:

    • Wechsel der Installationsmedien: mehrere USB-Sticks und DVD-RW
    • Installation auf einem anderen Rechner
    • Installation ohne zusätzliche Pakete (AUR, Bluetooth etc.)

    Alles vergeblich - hat jemand eine Idee ?
    Die Internetverbindung verfügt über 50 MBit/s im Download und macht ansonsten keine Probleme.

    Besten Dank für Antworten

  • @Anno69 kleiner Fehler meinerseits: 1. Installation antergos-minimal-2016.05.24-x86_64.iso
    2. Installation antergos-minimal-2016.05.28-x86_64.iso

  • Please post the contents of /tmp/cnchi.log.
    *If possible, use English. In german you ll have a lot less attention from users who could possibly be able to help you solve your problem…

  • I got the same errors

    here is my log: http://pastebin.com/3DEiCw7E

  • @Anno69 None of the developers speak German, I apologize.

    When I use Google Translator I barely understand it… so please, by all means, if you can, post the same message in English as @anarch suggested.

    @Ede There seems to be a problem with your connection. Are you sure your computer was connected to the Internet?

  • @karasu Well, I don’t know. Normally it should have been.
    I thought if it was possible to install at least a small version of antergos and load the packages after it ad started from HD.

  • @Ede , you need Internet connection to proceed with the installation. And a sound one, too. So, make yure you re connected. Remember too, to let Cnchi (the installer to notify you that it got updated before you go on…

  • It seems to be futile.
    Unless someone makes a working installer or gives a method which works with from DVD or so, I cannot install it.
    I plugged my laptop directly to my router (before I was plugged via PowerLan) it downloaded 939 packages but when it came to unpack these packages it gotthis error.
    I am quite sad because I really wanted to switch to an arch linux based rolling release system.
    Now I will stay with Linux Mint which is pretty fine with installation.


    New log here http://pastebin.com/q2mhp3NY

  • @Ede said in Antergos Installer - Error:

    Unless someone makes a working installer or gives a method which works with from DVD or so, I cannot install it

    Since you mentioned it, what kind of live media are you using? As a matter of fact, live DVDs have failed me far less rarely than USBs.

  • As a matter of fact, installation without errors was possible with:
    Manjaro Linux Xfce 64 Bit
    Xubuntu 64 Bit
    Installation with antergos-minimal-2016.05.28-x86_64.iso failed 8 times, different USB-Sticks, DVDs and Computers were tested.

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