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    Why not make SMPlayer the default video player instead of Totem ?

  • There was a poll running a little time back on this.
    ***Why have you marked the topic as “unsolved”?

  • @dreamtraveler this comes up all the time. why dont you make this default?

    really it doesnt matter much what comes with Antergos. just uninstall and install what you want. its rolling so you shouldnt have to make changes much after that.

    im sure most would argue why not make VLC the default.

    everyone has a preference never gonna please everyone for default apps but i dont see the big dealing installing what you want.

  • @megaman That’s why there should be installer with full customisation. I mean user should be able to uncheck default application. For example Totem - even buggy Numix themes. I know there is base install (which I personally using) but it would be good feature.

  • @voepew in the future that might be an option. who knows but i dont think its something that is crucial but ya that would probably be pretty cool. its been talked about before.

    but again how long does it take to change an app? or a theme?

  • I would not, repeat, would not!!!, like to see Antergos taking some buntu/mint bloatware way. Getting a GUI installer to set up a ready-to-work- Arch system is enough. There are tens of thousands of packages one can install at a blink s time post-install Pacman and pamac are great tools of spotting, getting information, installing, uninstalling.
    (By the way, there is no smplayer maintainer ATM, just a packager).
    There are other priorities to me, optimizing Cnchi, getting better graphics card management, to name but a few…

  • The default DE for Antergos is Gnome, smplayer is not a Gnome application. I don’t think installing smplayer after the fact is that difficult to do. Besides, believe it or not some of us like and use Totem!!

  • @dylansdad611 people like Totem? 😕

    just kidding 😆 yep everyone has their own preference. i myself kinda jump around video players. i used to use only VLC then i went on to SMplayer now using MPV quite a bit. this is why i never care what the default app is installed because i am probably at one point going to just change it anyway.

    not to mention i plan on keeping my install the same for years to come if i can.

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