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    @lots.0.logs said in TESTERS NEEDED! antergos-repo-priority package:

    Okay, I fixed the issue with mate-applets. Let me know if you get a chance to test the upgrade from 1.12 to 1.14 again. Thanks!


    A generic, well-working Mate 1.12 upgrades to 1.14 from [antergos-staging] without a hitch now.

    No tricks, no tweaks are needed, just follow the instructions given in the OP.

    The upgrade is smooth, painless, boring. There’s nothing to say about it. The full terminal output is in Pastebin here.

    It worked exactly the same way on two other computers with Matte 1.12.

    At this point I can’t be of any help, I’m afraid, as everything works very well here. Can’t find other problems.

    Well done, Dustin! Much appreciated. Thank you!

    With max respect

  • Well done, @lots-0-logs & @just ! A big BRAVO to both the dev & the tester!

  • Awesome 👍 Thanks for testing and reporting back! Now I just need to find time to create the wiki article that is linked in the notification and then we can move these packages to the main repo 😃

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