• Antergos Installer: __error__

    Keep on getting an error with cnchi 0.14.72

    Antergos Installer - Error: exit

    Need help, I either keep on getting this or getting stuck on checking inter-conflicts. (Retried 4 times now, trying again)

    Log: (Ill upload after installation attempts to finish)

  • I have the same error with the same version. Looks like it is an issue with alpm transaction. Can’t finalize alpm transaction: transaction failed, pm_errno 34

  • It always happens to me right at the end of the installing or whatever comes after Checking Inter-conflicts

  • I have also tried running cnchi-dev and got the same error.

  • 10 days open discussion?

    I guess here is no one who has the abilities to help or the interest or both…

  • @Ede I moved on to arch. I have a nice little install script. I googled quite a bit to find the solution and tinkered around a bit, but nothing came of it. This issue s pretty old or intermittent through versions of the installer. It is caused by an alpm transaction error near the end of install. Maybe when I’m not so swamped I’ll go dig through the source code for the installer to see exactly what it is doing.

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