• Moving antergos to a new storage device

    My antergos installation is currently installed on my hdd, it took a pretty long time to set everything right, the configuration etc. Now I want to switch to a ssd, what is the best way to clone or migrate my installation to my ssd without corrupting files?

  • As I see it, the easiest way would be to use clonezilla.

    Or you could try to make a copy with rsync.

    I’m afraid you’ll have to google it to find more detailed help.


  • also depending on the desktop or app you can just backup your config files. this doesnt work in every case.

    really though i nice clean install on a new ssd i think would be a good idea. should notice great speed!

    im a big fan of clean installs myself. backup as many config files as i can.

  • Hi!

    My typical approach to this problem is to archive/save the whole drive/directories where config files tend to end up, to be able to retrieve what I may need after the actual reinstall.


    Went from other distro to Antergos not so long ago (long-time Arch user though).

    I booted from a live medium, antergos install cd would do perfectly fine, and then cloned my whole SSD to another spare drive.

    The whole drive is not necessary, but great for peace of mind.

    Typical directories would be


    From there I installed Antergos on the SSD, and then when booted and all set, I could start to move over things like nfs-mounts in /etc/fstab, telegram-data, vim-configs, ssh-keys, and on and on.

    Personally I keep the spare drive for a while, usually something you forgot and it saves a bunch of time just doing a quick copy rather than figuring out just how you wanted to have it, if it’s a program you don’t use all the time.

    If you are dead set on moving the actual install, just like karasu mentioned, a clone and deploy solution like clonezilla would be fine, the potential problem being the typically smaller SSD if you came from a harddrive.

    Hope this is of any help!

  • Thanks, I will look into the solutions provided in this thread.

  • @Irakli As @karasu suggets, I was using clonezilla for a very long time. But for a year or two I’m using fsarchiver now. I find it to be more flexible than clonezilla. An archived partition may be restored to another partition, of a different size, larger or smaller, another disk, another computer. Fsarchiver may even format the destination partition.

    It takes 15-20 minutes to archive a 20 G partition with 5-8 G of data on it. The restore takes 3-4 minutes.

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