• cant install antergos on my copmaq cq58

    i downloaded both the images the minimal one and the the regular but with both as soon as i press f9 i choose the internal cd/dvd (tried both uefi and not ) but the screen gets black and i get all these weird messages that have something to do about how my cpu gets stuck for “x” seconds . i cant even go to the live installation because the screen stays all black like that for hours . can someone helo me im a real newbie at this .

  • Welcome! It would be useful to know some specs of your hardware. What s your graphics card?
    To start with: Press e when the menu shows up and search for the line which ends to "quiet splash"
    Add the parameter nomodeset after that and try booting this way by pressing [Ctrl]+[X] ( if I remember well) with this added parameter. This parameter will not be saved, just used in this single boot and nothing is damaged. (To cancel without changes press [Esc]).
    Hopefully, the system will boot into a default graphical environment and you will be able to install/reinstall driver or configuration packages.

  • @anarch my graphic card is a AMD Radeon HD 7310 . im gonna try that and hope it works

  • didn’t work

  • maybe try the full disc iso just for testing.

  • May I ask what kind oflive media are you using and how you wrote/burned it?
    Also, did you check the integrity of both the downloaded iso file and the live media performing a MD5sum check?
    A final check could be checking your live media with other computers.

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