• plain gnome

    the antergos have gnome setup I en cool in all but help enjoy the way gnome3 looks. I want my apples to look normal. please help

  • Come again! What are you saying?

  • if I understand correctly, you like gnome, but you want it to look more like the default apple OSX style, right?

    This is a theme that you want: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/OSX-Arc-White?content=175666

    Just place it in a .themes folder in your homedirectory and apply it by going to the “gnome-tweak-tool”. (It’s already installed on antergos, just use the appmenu to find something on “tweak”.)

    There are many more teams on that website that suit the MAC OS X style, along with others that look even nicer.


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