• Iphone support

    I just moved from Manjaro. So far so good with Antergos.

    I have only 2 annoyances/differences comparing with Manjaro Cinnamon:

    • auto suspend on low battery does not work
    • the integration with the Iphone was perfect on manjaro (auto mount, a wizard asking what to do like on windows): with antergos I have to type some command lines

    for the autosuspend problem I wrote another post since I was not the only one asking.

    I hope someone has the trick before I decide to do a tedions packages comparison between both distros.


  • yes. ifuse work quite easily.

    but it require to:

    • create a mount folder
    • manually run the ifuse command
    • manually unmount the device too

    With Manjaro, it just work as easy as on Windows.

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