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    Hello! (I’m Spanish… sorry my bad english)

    When i Migrated to Antergos (Arch), from Windows, one thing I miss is the ability to send my downloaded videos to my LG SmartTV, which has Screencasting conectivity vía WIFI.

    Over Windows, I only have to select one video (MKV…), click on right button and select “Send to” and select TV (Which appears magically…) and its done.Nothing more to do.

    I try over Linux, and all I Have is configure a DLNA server, but that is not the sollution for me.

    Thanks to the concept of a chromeOS laptop, which has chrome for all apps, i try to find over Chromium an App for simply Screencasting, and voila!!! There was “vGet Cast”

    Install, select a 10 gb MKV… select (Because it detect very fast) my LG, and bam!. OMG! Its faster and estable than windows Solution!

    Thanks Chrome! And it works on my Chromebook also :-)

  • @cesar.lopez.sanchez Looks like this nice adventure is [Solved], isn’t it?

  • Yes. Thanks.

    For the windows users this little things are most important than use Gimp or OpenOffice instead private soft.

    And its very difficult find solutions over Internet… for this simply thing… but i would prefer just right click and send to option on any distro, and surprisly I cant do this on Linux. Chrome can do it, and Linux not.

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