• Gray Background instead of image again with GNOME 3.20

    I had this problem before with GNOME 3.18 (previous thread) but it came back with GNOME 3.20. Where the background is not displayed if Icons are displayed on the desktop.

    Last time it was caused by using Numix based GTK+ theme. I am using Adwaita for GTK+, Icons and Cursor.

    The only solution I have is after every reboot, start Tweak UI, goto Desktop, and toggle the Icons on Desktop OFF/ON and then it is fine until I reboot again. I can reproduce this on my desktop and laptop.

  • Hi.
    Have you got the desktop icons enabled or disabled?
    Which Shell theme are you using? (I think it was a shell theme issue when it appeared back then)…

  • Desktop icons enabled. I toggle this OFF then back ON and then the desktop image is displayed.

    Shell Theme tried:
    Shell Themes Disabled

    Reboot after each one, all of them show the same behavior and same workaround as above to get the desktop image to display.

  • I remember there was an issue when Gnome 3.20 was released. It needed its default Shell Theme. Otherwise the background image disappeares when desktop icons were enabled. I haven t heard any reports since then…

  • hmmm… well I can reproduce it on both of my Antergos installations. Guess I have to keep doing the toggles after each reboot.

  • Yeah this is why I am using the Arc theme for my setup.
    Its a far nicer theme than numix anyhow

  • @anarch I’v had this same issues since switching to antergos in Feb or March, don’t recall. I don’t like icons on the desktop as it feels cluttered to me, but I know that it is still doing it. I brought them up while changing icon themes the other day and I wanted to see how it looked. Btw I don’t talk here much but I broke my leg at work today. Theyve put me on some strong medicine, my apologies if I sound incoherent.

  • The only icon I leave on my desktop is the trashcan

  • @MadmanRB I can agree with that one. But if I do that I have to have a Computer icon for it to be even. I suppose I have touch of OCD. Not the real thing by any means, but things have to be a certain way.

  • Thanks for the tip on the Arc theme. That is nice and working really good for me. Nice dark theme.

  • I say stick with the arc theme, it seems to get more TLC as its a very popular theme

  • @MadmanRB I have the OS X Arc white theme. Numix is an OK theme but there are nicer once. I prefer the Paper icons and Theme sometimes.

  • @Jeannie__ said in Gray Background instead of image again with GNOME 3.20:

    So you choose your themes by “it’s working” or “it’s not not working” instead of individual aesthetical aspects these days under GTK3.20?

    Umm… yeah, what good is a theme that doesn’t work? And a “gray” background you can’t change falls into bad aesthetics aspects anyway. LOL.

    Arc is really nice, it does what I was trying to do with the Numix… but does it much better… and it works. Thumbs up all around.

  • Here are 9 more themes. With Gnome listed among the top 2 favored you never run out of choice. 👍
    Unless one is prejudiced,that is, of course.😆

  • Indeed and considering the gtk api is changed every 12 seconds

    I really wish the constant api changes would stop, qt looks to be a far better toolkit day by day.

  • ,

    @Jeannie__ s

    Which of these are GTK 3.20 compatible?

    I haven t really looked into this, as I m satisfied with my current configuration. Plus I m more of a “working with my compute” type, rather than “fooling around with decoration staff”. The link says " Last Updated: May 5, 2016", about a month old, so it should be ok with 3.20.
    ***Please, stop being so pathetic. As far as I m getting to know you through your posts, it seems there s nothing out there to like. You have a bad saying for everything. Forgive me if I am wrong and please, do feel free to point me out to some positive attitude of yours.

  • @Jeannie__

    I consider calling my DE customisation “fooling around with decoration stuff” rather insultig by the way

    No hard feelings. That was something I wrote about myself. After saying that Im Ok with my customization.
    I addessed other staff to you, personally (actually a polite request). But PLEASE let us BOTH stop it here
    I trully wish you luck, with ot (why not) without DE. As the song goes…“you can t always get want you want” -Rolling Stones

  • @Jeannie__ Replacing Mate with another DE will not be possible. Unless you wanted to switch to ubuntu Mate which I DO NOT recommend. I test drove it and it is an absolute mess. I would just wait and see, I am truly impressed with Antergos. The devs have really put something strong together and if they are going to bring Mate 1.14 in I believe they will do an excellent job.

  • @Jeannie__ Thatd be good. I switched from Mate to Gnome Shell.

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