• KDE and Plasmoids or Miniprograms


    I have installed Antergos with KDE. When I take som Plasmoids (Miniprograms) on Desktop then I can not move the Plasmoids. Is that a bug?

  • @lola-rennt123 said in KDE and Plasmoids or Miniprograms:

    …Is that a bug?

    No, it is not.

    Press the left mouse button on the widget and hold it down for about 1-2 sec. Widget’s control bar wil appear, on the right or left side of the widget, and it’ will be possible to move, resize, rotate, remove it.

  • That was is.


  • @lola-rennt123 You’re welcome.

    BTW, if the widgets were locked, it wouldn’t be possible to work with them. First, it is necessary to unlock them by right clicking on the panel and selecting Unlock Widgets.

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