• Set Antergos as Default Grub Entry

    I have my Antergos OS installed in sda2 while my grub is installed in sda1.
    Whenever I boot, I’m sent to the Grub terminal with the grub> prompt.
    To boot into Antergos, I use the following commands:

    set root=(hd0,1)
    chainloader (${root})/efi/antergos_grub/grubx64.efi

    This boots to the default Antergos Grub Screen from where i can choose Linux or Linux-LTS and then It boots into the system.

    it is quite inconvenient to type these commands every time I boot. How can I boot into the Antergos Grub Screen directly as it was in the beginning?

    P.S.- I’m using UEFI boot mode.

  • Have you tried recreating the grub config file?

    As you’re getting to a grub prompt this suggests that the efi is setup ok,
    efibootmgr will let you check this.

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