• gnome-documents dont open .doc file.

    I have a problem with gnome-documents and LibreOffice. gnome-documents does not open .doc files. LibreOffice is installed and the whole environment gnome (without gnome-extra). evince is installed. I have clean arch distro, without Aur. Gnome 3.20.2 offcourse.

  • Try installing:
    unoconv, and libreoffice-fresh-sdk (or corresponding package if you don’t use ‘fresh’ LO)
    It seemed to help me with opening .doc files but still doesn’t open .odt

  • GNOME-documents, in version 3.20, replaced unoconv by Libreofficekit to view .doc. Libreofficekit seems to be included in packaging Arch, but it’s still doing the job other than Fedora, for example. See the bug:


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