• CRISIS: cannot boot, have to remove nvidia

    Hi everyone,
    I recently bought a new laptop on which I installed Antergos. I installed the recent nVidia driver as I understood this is the one fitting my 920m (Judging by this Arch Wiki article).
    Now I can’t boot the system and I have to remove it somehow, perhaps use the Live USB to mount it somehow and remove this driver - but I need a clear guide/documentation on how it can be done.

    Thanks to all who helps

  • @bsayar said in CRISIS: cannot boot, have to remove nvidia:

    …my 920m…

    If it is an Nvidia Optimus card, then Antergos must be installed without proprietary Nvidia drivers. Otherwise computer will not boot.

    Proprietary Nvidia drivers may be installed in a second moment, as described in Antergos Wiki Bumblebee article.

  • I installed the driver only today, after the os runs for a week or so, but it doesn’t change anything. I understand that I did something wrong and that I needed to to it differently, but first I need to remove the driver so I can boot again

  • I saw there’s no help coming on how to do it without formatting my laptop, and found no trace as to how to do it anywhere else, so I formatted and started anew… Now I have problems with the bumblebee setup, but I’ll open a separate thread for it

  • @bsayar There’s no help because your post is too generic. You don’t provide any technical detail about your video card, its full model name, is it Optimus or not, how did you install Nvidia drivers, did you install them for Optimus or for simple Nvidia. Saying only “It doesn’t work, what am I doing wrong?” is not enough to get a help.

  • Thread continued and [Solved] here.

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