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    I’m not shure if this is the right place to ask, but I need expert help with my problem.
    I have a WD MYCloud NAS storage which I want to sync/mirror my files to. The problem is, that every sync tool (rsync and various gui for it) simply see a change where no change was made to the files. My own research showed, that this is related to some changes in the date/time format, which is adjusted to match windows’ needs, by the MyCloud software. But even if I use the “check only file size” option in (g)rsync, every file is considered as new/updated…
    For now it seems, only copy/paste works like expected.

    I hope anyone of you has a solution that I can sync my files like it’s supposed to. I wouldn’t mind to do changes on the MyCloud itself if necessery. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • @Brown Imnot sure what would b causing that. Id say either your NAS’s settings. or a glitch in grync.

    I would check both to see if you could change anything.

    If all else fails you could write a bash script to automaticaly copy and paste files for you.

    Or you could use a program like Syncthing to ync your files.

    Cheers! I don't know what I'm talking about!

  • As grsync is only a GUI for rsync, I don’t think any other tool based on rsync would do it any better. For now I got it at lest working one way. When not using --perms and --group options to preserve permission and group settings, I can sync to my NAS like expected. New files are recoginzed, files which already exist are not synced again.
    In FreeFileSync for example, which is also based on rsync, I didn’t find where to change these options, so that’s why I would stick with grsync for now.
    But still I have the old issue when dry run a sync task from my NAS to my internal storage, even without --perms and --group (g)rsync “thinks” all files on the NAS as newer or even don’t exist on my internal storage. This can only be avoided by --ingore-existing or --size-only option, the --update option is always set, so for rsync the files on my NAS defenitely seem newer than those on my PC.
    As I mentioned erlier, this seems to be related to the MyCloud software which “optimzes” the files (date/time stamps) to match windows requierments.
    The rsync options above are workarounds, I hope these can help some others with similar problems.
    But maybe someone knows other ways or NAS drives - WD MyCloud modifications to work properly with linux…

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