• pamac manager Issue(upgrade warning)

    Hello guys.
    When i am trying to upgrade my system with sudo pacman -Syu i take the following response for the pamac package.

    warning: pamac: local (4.0.0-1) is newer than antergos (4.0-2)

    Is this a problem?
    Should I uninstall pamac and install in again or i am ok ?
    Thank you very much

  • Asked and answered here:


    Suggestion is to ignore it.

    I wonder why your search of the forums didn’t show it up…

  • run
    sudo pacman -Syuu

    sudo pacman -Syu

  • @raphaelmal
    Difference between -Syuu and -Syu …sorry for the offtopic …

  • It lists all packages that are out of date on the local system. If you execute the suggested commands, you`ll be downgrading pamac. I suggest that you wait…

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