• strange update notification

    My system updates fine, but at the end i get this

    warning: pamac: local (4.0.0-1) is newer than antergos (4.0-2)

    Doesn’t seem to be a problem, but out of curiosity what is the cause? Perhaps because i sometimes use the gui and sometimes pacman by command lin to update? Thanks.

  • Suggest you ignore the message and dismiss it. It’s telling you that the version of pamac available in the AUR (4.0.0-1) is older than the version already installed from the repository Antergos (4.0-2).

    1.Antergos Linux KDE plasma / Gnome 2.Ubuntu 18.04 64bit Gnome
    Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8400 2.26GHz‖ RAM 3908 MiB ‖ Dell Inc. 0F328M - Dell Inc. Latitude E6500
    Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics [8086:2a42] {i915

  • Me too. Will ignore.

    In a perfect world the message would explain not just the facts, but also why anyone might care, and what will happen when I click ‘Close’.

    But clearly we don’t live in that world…

    [Was peterg4000 but got sick of that lame user name. And no, the photo is not actually me]

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