• Choppy graphics in Gnome overview mode

    Hi there!
    Whenever I enter overview mode in Gnome, and move the cursor to the right to view the workspaces, the animation of slightly shrinking the running programs is quite choppy and rough, unless I have only one program running. I’d like to know if there’s any tweak by which I could make it smooth. I thought this could be due to all the extensions I have installed, so I turned them all off, but no luck, but then these graphics were choppy out of the box as far as I remember, so I don’t think it’s due to the extensions. I’m running 4GB ram, and i5 processor, and open source AMD graphics driver. My laptop has a hybrid graphics set up.

    Any ideas regarding this would be very helpful, maybe I’m being too picky, but I’d really like to see smooth animations, since the Numix frost theme on Gnome looks super awesome, but then these choppy animations are kind of a damper… If this is something that’ll get ironed out with future updates, then that’s cool too, I can wait.

    Thanks for all the help guys :)

  • Update: Switched to wayland, no more jerky gnome animations, all very smooth.

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