• Installing SoftMaker Office and Brother Printer Drivers

    I have downloads of my fave office package (SoftMaker Office) and my Brother printer files. They work fine in Mint. They only unzip and sit there in Antergos. Do I need different files? I followed the Brother instructions to the letter, which was supposed to open an installer, but instead Antergos just deletes the file.

  • softmaker is in AUR

    as for your printer.

    try searching google for arch brother printer and your model number. should direct you to install files you need.

    gonna be a little different setup on antergos but im sure will all work fine.

  • OK, I’m stupid or something. Yes, it’s in AUR. Nothing on that page you linked tells me a thing about how to download or install it. What am I missing?

    OK, I['m not a total idiot and got the download from Source posted. But it did not install, suggested I needed sudo, and then refused to run the scripts as sudo… lots of interesting error messages different each time I tried.

  • @zaivala sorry about that ;) i forget you are new to the arch system.

    here is some info on AUR.

    theres gonna be a lot of yackity yack but it will give you a good idea on how it works. pretty much its user maintained software. there are regular arch repos we can install from plus on Arch we have access to AUR which has way more software ready to install.

    you can use the terminal and do
    yaourt -S <package-name>

    or your package manager should have a aur search button and you can install from there.

    you shouldnt need to install from source. Aur will make it a much easier install ;) same with the printer i would bet its in the regular repos. i would highly recommend you do some google searches on Arch on how it works just to get you going. you should be off and running in the Arch world in no time at all :)

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