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    xorg isnt starting after installing paxd(pax) package


    i upgraded my kernal to gresec, but after installing the paxd package, i got his error message
    Its only when pax is set to on, which is the default value if you install this package!

    i found similar posts in this forum which recommend that i should add “nomodeset” to the booting kernel !
    As in this posted depper explained "this is a bug in qxl"

    i changed the bootline in grup --> linux /vmlinuz-linux-grsec root=UUID=xxxxxx rw nomodeset quiet nomodeset cryptdevice=/dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxx:cryptAntergos quiet resume=UUID=xxxxx

    but the error message is the same ?

    Has anybody a clue what i can/should do ?

    best regards deadpool

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    have you installed paxctl?
    make sure you have internet accesss
    sudo pacman -S paxctl
    sudo paxctl -cm /usr/bin/xfce4-session (or whatever DE/DM your using ie. $ ls /usr/bin |grep <your de/dm>)

    there’s a write up from micah lee about this using debian sid
    ctrl+F paxctl

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