• Desktop PC stops starting X successfully


    I have a desktop PC with a NVIDIA GTX 570 running the proprietary driver.

    A game froze, I had to forcibly shut down the PC. I restarted it, then X started but became extremely unresponsive. I had to shut it down forcibly again. I tried to uninstall the proprietary NVIDIA driver and put Nouveau back but to no avail. Manually running startx says there are no displays connected (despite having 2 working monitors, and the command line looking and working fine).

    Now, I’m not able to use KDE at all anymore, only the command line works (through Ctrl+Alt+F1). I tried the fallback mode but it’s stuck at a gray blinking cursor (just like the default X screen is, when using Nouveau).

    I did not run any particular update before that issue, so I don’t think there is a regression due to an update.

    Is it possible to either reinstall the NVIDIA driver and get it to work, or at least switch to Nouveau in the meantime?

  • @Calinou https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NVIDIA

    sudo pacman -S xf86-video-nouveau
  • @gaim

    I have tried this and Nouveau outputs fatal errors (from dmesg). I tried booting the Antergos live ISO (which worked fine on the installation) but it also freezes at graphics initialization.

    I suspect a damaged graphics card, although command line still works (and looks) fine.

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