• World's First True Linux x86 and x64 Tablet

    Hi all,

    I was looking for a Linux tablet without success and came upon this project :


    It would be a nice step if that kind of projects are comming reality… To get rid of the limited available proprietery offers.


  • Mmmmm…I am not optimistic at all . They re claiming $200,000, raising a little less than $8,000 by 39 backers so far and only 17 more days to go…

  • Yep… I feel unfortunatly the same but who knows, sometime the situations can change at the last moment.

    Anyway, such a shame if they don’t rich the goal, it means that we will remain stucked with the crap that is sold on the marked right now.

    I would like to inform as much as people as possible about the project to have more chance, that’s why I posted.

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