• A couple of requests

    I would like to ask the kind devs a couple of requests, as I don’t quite like to install programs from the AUR, if it would be possible to have on the Antergos repo, the following apps / themes :
    Pantheon Mail
    Flat-Plat GTK Theme
    Adapta GTK Theme
    Paper Icons
    Thank you in advance!

  • @Noctem DENIED! 👎

    just kidding ;) im the same way i prefer not to install from aur. sometimes i do but its a lot easier if they just in the repos. some good suggestions.

  • just to add on to that. would be cool to have some more icon and theme packages in the antergos repo. i know we can install them ourself but nice to just add from the repo.

  • @Noctem @megaman

    The Antergos repo should stick to exclusive packages (Theme) and packages actually needed by the installer.

    Eventually we’ll get to the point of the Repo becoming AUR itself with spending all day up-keeping it when the user can use yaourt (AUR installer feature) to check the package builds themselves before installing.

    Making your own personal repo would be a better option: https://github.com/EnigmaCurry/arch-ppa

  • @Wyn Ofcourse the repository should not bw bloated… I totally agree! The only reason I made the request is, primary I was talking about themes and icons which are not harmful in any way (no dependencies and installable software), and secondly because I was checking the repo and I have seen pieces of 3rd party software like Vivaldi and Nylas N1 mail.

  • i dont think the repo will be bloated by adding a few themes and icon packs. not talking about adding them all ;)

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank whichever dev maintains the antergos repo. It’s pretty legit, I appreciate the software selection included.

  • @Fedorai-Zomakaja yes i agree 👍 some nice things added in there.

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