• Locked out root after "input source" changed and then logged out

    I am in a very annoying situation:
    Right at the moment i was enjoying Antergos and putting all settings in the way i want and need, the system logged me out.

    Automatic logged out after that i have changed the keyboard “input source”. Why i was logged out is a mistery.
    I know the root password but because of the changed “input source” i can’t type it anymore with my keyboard.
    The password has one special character that isn’t available now.

    Already tried but without succes:

    • change the “input source” back thru Live usb and chroot
    • reset the root password with chroot and passwd

    The weird thing is that when i after the reset try to login with the new password Antergos doesn’t login or show password error.

    Has this something to do with “shadow”?

    Please help

  • Supposing you used English locales for your password, try this out. Get to a tty screen pressing
    Alt + Control + F2
    Enter your user name and password when prompted and then type
    passwd username thotgh just passwd should be enough and change the password in numbers.
    Then, press Alt+Control+F1 to get back to the GUI and give the numeric password to enter.

  • Alt + Control + F2

    Doesn’t do anything. My system is a dual boot MacOS and Antergos with rEFInd. How to get in that?

    But i can get into recovery shell and have tried already the


    without succes.
    Please more tips and tricks because i can’t put more time in getting a system working. I have also work to get done.


    [rootfs ]#

    I get

    sh: can't access tty: job control turned off 

    So, how to get in tty?

  • Nothing that i found on the internet worked, so it seams that it’s difficult to change root password while not logged in as root.
    A good thing for security. Because of “shadow” used in Arch?

    “Solved” because i have managed to recover my one week older /etc folder. And i am back in! :-)
    I start to like linux!

    On ipad not possible to mark post as solved?

  • Glad you found a way back, sorry for being unable to get any assistance.

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