• thunar update

    i noticed thunar just updated. anyone notice if they fix the drag to folder crash issue? im testing it now.

  • @megaman After all my updates dropping files into a closed folder in another window works fine. But if said folder is open… crash.
    On the plus side, i now know this is a bug and not the universe hating on me. Maybe i should read this forum more often!
    antergos xfce, lubuntu lxqt, and ghostbsd on dell latitude e5420 4gb 1tb sata3

  • @billwx so far the dragging crash i was having is gone but needs more testing. probably a bug you got it seems xfce doesnt update that much anymore. i used to favor xfce over mate but mate has really been taking off. always love that gnome2 look.

  • Hi,

    Here how to repair Thunar (cut/copy and more) #48 :


  • Thunar gives me so much trouble all the time, I always switch to either pcmanfm (lighter and simpler) or caja (if I want the folder tree view or different sorting for different directories - two wonderful features).
    As of the updates, I opened thunar just to check that, glad at least this bug is down

  • Thunar, new update this morning, fixe the bugs.

  • hopefully this new update fixes it. the last update a few weeks ago didnt fix the issue.

    @saoded i agree. its not as solid as it used to be.

  • @megaman Dragging files to folder seems finally fixed in my xfce. Yay! I know xfce doesn’t get much attention these days but I’m not a mate/gnome2 fan. Sorry. (Gnome 3 even less so). This is probably the wrong thread to ask but the one i searched was months old so… any news on lxqt for antergos? I’m testing it on Lubuntu though it doesn’t officially exist there yet, so i was hoping there might be a way to do the same here? I think Antergos, Arch, and LXQt would be an awesome combo!

    @billwx, if you wish to try lxqt, you will find it in the Arch repos. Have a llok at it here…
    and open your pamac to check which packages you need. to have it go the way you want.
    *They are also listed here)


  • im still getting the drag crash in thunar. im giving up on thunar just gonna use pcmanfm and spacefm.

    not sure whats going on over at XFCE but i noticed someone submitted that drag bug last year and still not fixed. seems the XFCE desktop not getting the care it used too.

  • ok now i am really giving up on thunar. i find any new info on this bug but it still very much crashes thunar with a simple folder move.

  • ok now i am really giving up on thunar. i find any new info on this bug but it still very much crashes thunar with a simple folder move.

    That is unforgibable for a fm. Should we change Openbox “edition” back to pcmanfm?

  • Please do. I’m sure ppl who like thunar will know where to get it from. pcmanfm does more out of the box with less bug and less resources

  • @karasu yes i think so. i was just about to suggest that. pcmanfm still running good in openbox.

  • @saoded i liked thunar but stability is key.

  • @megaman it’s okay to have a different favourite, I think that’s the beauty in Linux. My main reason for suggesting this shift is, as you stated as well, stability. the rest is totally debatable and up to preferences, opinions and subjective user experience

  • Ah i had thunar installed but dropped somehowe but i didnt notice what i have done so is dificult to tell you all :p i switched from Xfce to i3, using spacefm :p

  • @ringo32 spacefm is nice also 👌

  • Getting to know how to use the Openbox Edition was a nightmare of studying. And when I came to configure it the way it suited me, I only managed to make it closely as heavy as my Gnome DE. So, I dumped it (unless I was using some primitive low-spec hardware, of course).
    The way I see it is, default it back to pcmanfm Whoever uses Openbox is more than capable of swapping the File Manager for whichever one he/she likes post install. `

  • a quick update to the status of Thunar

    ive noticed the drag crash has stopped when you leave “location selector” on “toolbar” when i put it on “path” the drag crashes happen again. i would have never known that was the issue and never saw that anywhere. i always like the path option so i went right to that before but it appears to cause the drag crashing.

    hope that helps anyone. thunar is still a great file manager.

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