• GTK applications are not restored in Plasma 5.6.x

    Antergos system with Qt 5.6.0, Plasma 5.6.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.21.0 with the newest updates on today (the moment of writing this post).

    None of the tested by me applications are not restored after relogin plasma session/restart system. I tested: Firefox, Thunderbird and new Opera. I think all of them base on GTK2. All tested by me KF applications (konsole, kwrite, dolphin) are restored correctly (applying correct desktop number). The same issue I noticed also in KaOS system.

    I’m not sure if this is ksmserver problem or integration of Plasma in Antergos. I noticed that in Mageia Cauldron (not stable, but based on the newest Qt and Plasma) only thunderbird is restored, but no KF applications). Here (Antergos) only KF applications are restored.

    I made some test to be sure this is no GTK problem. Test consisted in hardcoding in ksmserverrc file properly lines that forced running of Thunderbird. Result: after login Thunderbird has been run. Unfortunately after relogin Thunderbird didn’t start. After that I checked ksmserverrc file and noticed that my entries disappeared.

    For someone using openSUSE Leap it’s working :/
    Check this https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=343518

  • First install this package https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/gnome-breeze-git/
    Then you go to System Preferences -> Style Applications -> Style Applications Gnome (GTK) and choose to GTK2: Breeze-gtk and GTK3: Breeze-gtk and is now Firefox, Thundbird, are back normal, I use as a color that comes by default as window decoration evolvere. To me it helped me, greetings. (sorry for my English)





  • @kaxlanwa
    Sorry. I think you didn’t understand me. I mentioned that gtk applications are not starting after relogin plasma session/restart system instead of KF5 applications. For example. I login into Antergos. I run konsole and thunderbird. I logout and I login again. In this moment I expect that konsole and thunderbird will be started. Unfortunately is started only konsole. I checked also firefox, and new Opera and no one of them start after relogin, only KF applications.

    Thanks for your hint about setting style for gtk applications. I installed package “gnome-breeze-git”, but style “Breeze-gtk” I can see only for GTK2 and no for GTK3. I checked path /usr/share/themes/Breeze-gtk and I can see following sub folders: gtk-2.0, gtk-3.18, gtk-3.20, so I don’t understand why in "System settings -> Style Applications -> Style Applications Gnome (GTK) " style “Breeze-gtk” is not visible for GTK3. I restarted system after installation.

    I made minor investigation and I found out that in gtk-3.18, gtk-3.20 folders is missing gtkrc file. I copied it from gtk-2.0 to gtk-3.20 and magically it appeared in “Style Applications Gnome (GTK)”. Of course I have up-to-date package “gnome-breeze-git”. After applying this trick in running pamac (GTK3 application) I can see that options are highlighted when I move mouse over any button placed on top bar. Even scrollbar for packages list is visible now and header of columns is also visible correctly. There is only one problem with options visible after pressing button “three horizontal lines”. I mean in its pop up menu options are not highlighted when I move mouse over any option. Regards.

  • Issue fixed. Please check this: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=362671
    Changes commit into:
    branch 'Plasma/5.6
    branch 'Plasma/5.7

    Now there is need only to rebuild and release new plasma-workspace package. In this package is localized ksmserver.

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