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    this whole browser thing is nonsense. should it tell you about getting chromium or firefox…probably but is it a big deal? no 👎

    seriously how long does it take to uninstall a program? most users are going to use either firefox or chromium and if not it takes seconds to uninstall.

    adding a google chrome option again i suppose you could but is it that big of a deal? most people on linux prefer chromium.

    i suppose if the devs wanted to they could give a long list of options for browsers but again is it that important? i dont think so.

  • @megaman - You are missing the point. It’s not about which browser, or what you can/can’t do after the fact. The point is that the Cnchi Hover help is not helpful. Some is useless. Some is unclear. Some is confusing.

    For non-expert Linux users it’s like being in a new city without street signs, or with confusing street signs. It’s not pleasant, and you make wrong turns. I think you are looking only through the lens of an expert user who already knows their stuff.

    All I originally suggested is for someone to go though the Hover help and actually make it helpful. Probably requires much less typing than this thread.

    @anarch - Fair enough on the Chrome. The rest still stands. I reckon more selection at_install_time would be awesome and would really stand out.
    On your KISS comment, you CAN have it both ways. Don’t think like 95% of the population that you can’t. Eg: Have a Cnchi screen with an option like “Trust us? - Just install the defaults!” or if not, go into a more detailed selection screen.
    “Simple things should be simple. Hard things should be possible” - Alan Kay, the inventor of the over-layed window paradigm.
    I swear 99% of developers think that if they achieve one, they can’t achieve the other. YOU OFTEN CAN IF YOU TRY.

    I for one quite dislike the process of having to install a lot of extra stuff post-first-login. I would be over the moon if I could go through a ‘tick-a-box’ list at install time, hit “Go!” and come back in an hour to a system with most/all of the major stuff I want already installed - And knowing that it didn’t waste any time/space DL’ing stuff I didn’t want. The Software Centre sounds great, but why not just list the top 40 or so major packages at install time in the short term? (Harder than it sounds?)

    I am sure Antergos has competing priorities. But I thought welcoming/leading new users cleanly and standing out from the other distros would be up there somewhere.

    I really am enjoying this discussion @peterg4000 . Maybe you had better open a new topic with specific suggestions. Or, even better a pinned topic of community suggestions. Our community constantly grows our distro is well-reputed. My only hesitation is how much of a burden can the devs take.
    I wish I was capable of contributing, but I am not. I wish competent members of the community would/could take some action (jealous of Manjaro here).
    I m closing this, giving just two examples of possible hover help in Cnchi, taken from the Arch Wiki.

    1. Drivers
      “Choose open-source drivers
      Always try open source drivers before resorting to proprietary drivers. Most of the time, open source drivers are more stable and reliable than proprietary drivers. Open source driver bugs are fixed more easily and quickly. While proprietary drivers can offer more features and capabilities, this can come at the cost of stability. To avoid this dilemma, try to choose hardware components known to have mature open source driver support with full features. Information about hardware with open source Linux drivers is available at linux-drivers.org”.
    2. Install the linux-lts package
      “The linux-lts package is an alternative Arch kernel package, and is available in the core repository. This particular kernel version has long-term support (LTS) from upstream, including security fixes and some feature backports. It is useful if you prefer the stability of less-frequent kernel updates or if you want a fallback kernel in case a new kernel version causes problems”.
      Technically, I m not the right person to know if such kind of information could be included in every step of installation PLUS a numerous pre-colection of apps, without making the Iso too big.
      Anyway, let`s close it here (or open a new one)
  • @anarch - Yep, that’s the sort of Hover help that should be in there.

    I’m off to fry other fish!

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