I am in the middle of switching from Mint KDE, and installed Antergos KDE on my main PC.

Not a faultless experience. The default font in konsole is broken and corrupts/loses characters at the end of bold sections. Easily fixed by changing the font. (Someone else started a thread about that)

But more of a show-stopper is the GIGANTIC mouse pointers that occurred after I configured my second monitor into portrait mode (as it is mounted). Though only gigantic when they are over a window’s client area.

I seem to have hit this known KDE bug that remains unfixed after more than 4 years:


If anybody has the ear of the upstream KDE peeps, tell them this sort of stuff drives people away.

I’m re-installing to try Mate. (Though I have tried that before and had other problems that no-one could fix… Maybe Cinnamon next…)

P.S. Is there any documented way to get multiple Antergos/Numix-styled desktops without a re-install?
Or switch between them fairly easily?