• Share your last WnR (Wreck and Reinstall) story...

    As I re-installed Antergos for the seventh time this month, I thought “Does anyone else do this?” and thought it an interesting subject to bring up. I just LOVE messing with the config files, tuning my system to exact specs. Problem is one false move and everything goes south FAST.

    So, let’s share our last re-install, and the reason why. I’ll start:

    Yesterday. I was configuring “.asoundrc” and when I copied it to “/etc”, I accidentally renamed the entire “/etc” directory to “.asound.conf”

    Lmao. As soon as I did, I felt like Donovan did in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” after he drinks from the wrong cup. Anyone who’s ever done it will know what I mean.

  • Hey @ThegoLopez
    That’s the only way to learn how your system work, break it and fix it. Few years back I also reinstalled my OS 1000 times if not more hehe. But as you learn new skills and new technologies and learn how to make backups of important files it becomes less and less of a problem and most mistakes can easily be fix. So i thought I share a few tricks that I learn to fix my system when it’s broken.

    1. My first advice would be to always keep an Antergos bootable USB handy for fixing problems when your system don’t want to boot.
    2. The next thing you should learn and that will save you hours of work is to chroot in your Antergos installation. Chroot is the ability to change the root of the terminal to your current Antergos installation. Then you can run command like “pacman -Syu” in the live USB terminal and work on your current installation of Antergos or for example update grub or install grub.
    3. If everything else fails you can reinstall Antergos but if you have a copy of your /var/cache/pacman/pkg on an external you can start the installer from terminal with the cache command. Then the installer will first check your folder that you specify and if the package was found it will skip downloading it. “sudo cnchi -c /path/to/your/usb/drive/with/all/your/pkg”


  • I format every 4-5 months for spring cleaning. Besides that I’ve been able to fix whatever I break.

  • I try atleast less re-install as possible, try to take a latest as possible usb beside my system, if it breaks , try to chroot and fix it…

    And yeah i gues if you use the ‘MV’ command and applied wrongly this can happend, but does not tell you have to reinstall :)
    But on somepoint ou have to learn, im also a bad learninger , but got a little angle, but when have i bad luck? never knows…

    such breaks can also with ubuntu based distro’s it could also be sort personal things on hardware…Sort breaks is not rare general… on sort linux commercial topics is sometimes bloated issues can always come…

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