• Installation gone wrong - error grub


    yesterday i deleted my mint and installed antergos.
    Then my complete PC was messed up.

    What i did:
    I booted live usb thumb. Install on complete disk with encryption. Typed in my PW and told Program install Grub on same disk as antergos. Every thing looks fine the reboot and error:


    I was in a hurry because i needed my win10 (other Drive) running a few hours later so i try to fix my win10 bootloader with windows terminal but it was so messed up that i had to reinstall win10 to get my pc running again.

    What went wrong there? The situation now is : SSD1 Win10 running SSD2 antergos (encrypted) with this error not running. Can you please help me to fix this.


  • Nobody an Idea?

  • @twist said in Installation gone wrong - error grub:

    …i had to reinstall win10 to get my pc running again.

    (Re-)Installing any Windowz version on a disk with already existing Linuxes irreversibly destroys Grub and Grub 2 bootloaders.

    Assuming that Linux partition(s) were not overwritten during Windowz reinstallation, the only way to repair Grub is to boot the computer from any external media that uses Grub or Grub2 (LiveUSB / DVD / CD), and reinstall Grub onto the hard disk.

    The computer must be booted up by Grub, not by Windowz loader. Grub will correctly recognize and boot all OSes on the disk, Windowz included.

  • This information does not fit to my problem.
    The boot loader was messed up by the antergos installer.

    There was -> Mint, Anteros test Install, win10
    I did -> Boot antergos iso, deleted mint, installed antergos with luks and antergos install only made a not working grub entry for the new antergos witch result in error shown above. there is no entry for “test antergos” or “win10”.

    I can also chose the messed up grub after installed win10. the boot partition is not overwritten.
    i tested to edit grub.cfg and set the correkt uuid but i can not get write access to it. i try boot-repair from ubuntu live its also not working.

    What i need is: Change the wrong uuid to the correct and add entry for “antergos test” and win10.

    And most important what went wrong?

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