• More languages in the wiki

    As I understand it, you are the only ones who can add languages in the Transposh widget in the sidebar of articles. I was under the impression that we could translate to whatever language we wanted it in. Anyway, I was wondering if you could add some more languages? Like Danish, Swedish and Norwegian?

  • Anyone? It wouldn’t cost you any time or effort to add a few languages and the outcome would be very beneficial!

  • @gaim What’s your point? The Antergos wiki still needs translation.

  • Hi,

    I’ve added Danish, Swedish and Norwegian as requested. Sorry for the delay.


  • I was just wondering, @karasu …I don t know how this adding translations thing is working. But is it necessary to wait for a request to have someone authorized to add it up?
    PS: I hadn t realized we shared the same avatar. So, I changed mine to 2 loveable figures in the GNU/Linux ecosystem…😇

  • It’s a plugin that adds the translate option, and it needs to be told for which languages it has to be activated.

    So yes, it’s a manual activation. We could add an option to ask for adding a language, though… I’ll think about it.


  • Ok, thanks!

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