• No network after fresh install

    Today I downloaded the minimal installation iso (antergos-minimal-2016.04.22-x86_64.iso) and installed it with xfce. Obviously, since I completed the install successfully, the internet connectivity was fine during the installation. However, when I rebooted, there was no network ANYTHING that I could find. Everything I’ve read basically says to install NetworkManager, but since I have no connection to the internet, I can’t install anything. What should I do

  • @rpallen I ended up downloading networkmanager and some other packages to a USB stick and installing them manually with pacman.
    You can search them up at https://www.archlinux.org/packages/, download from mirror (right side), dump them all in one folder, then run pacman -U *.pkg.tar.xz in the folder they’re in.
    If you run yaourt or pacman -S networkmanager you will see what packages you are missing and have to download (it will fail because of missing internet connection ofc.).

  • OK, I’ll try that, but won’t get a chance to do it until tomorrow. Thanks.

  • Ok, that worked and I’m now connected to the internet.
    Thanks, Tiedemann!

  • Great! Marked as SOLVED, then.

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