• Too many top bars and some icons going to a non sticky bottom bar


    Recently came back to Arch after a brief treason with Ubuntu for stability.
    Two concerns, which probably have nothing to do with Arch (but more with GNOME):

    1. There are 3 top bars when only one could have everything:

    From above screenshot of the terminal maximized, how can I:
    - remove the big and useless title bar (the one with “yaourt: installing ibus-mozc from AUR”)
    - embed the “File, Edit, View, Search …” inside the desktop’s top bar, right next to “Terminal” (and before “Sat 14:04”) as there is plenty of space there for it

    2. Some icons go in a bottom toolbar:

    How can I make these icons come into the top right (just before “en” in my previous screenshot)


  • I m afraid you can t do anything about your first question. Actually, the left hand side of the top bar is used, or will be used for mote things you may add to it.
    This leads to your second question. For some reason, this acts like a hidden drawer. You can very easily move them to the top, using one of these 2 extentions. The 2nd one provides you with a set of conf. options, but I find it a little buggy on my hardware.
    *Remember you have to use Firefox or Epiphany in order to be able to install them.


  • @anarch Thanks for your help
    The first TopIcon GNOME extension worked as a charm! (it works on Chrome as well with chrome-gnome-shell-git).

    Regarding the top bar, I have not seen anything in between the name of the application on the left and the date in the middle.
    I suspected injecting the application menu (File, Edit, …) wouldn’t be easy, but nothing should be impossible in an open-source world :)
    But that’s actually the second part of my first question.
    The most annoying part now is all the space that the window title bar itself is taking.

    From the following screenshot for example, all the pixels between GNOME top bar and “File, Edit […]” could be regained:
    Wasted pixels

    How can I completely get rid of the window title bar, at least when maximized?

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