• How to disable the default login screen?

    I’ve installed antergos on my Thinkpad T60 not too long ago, it does not have the post powerful cpu and gpu on the market today,the default login screen is VERY slow, and is infact the lagyest thing in the entire os that I’ve encountered, there is a more then a 3 second delay after I press a key. I was wondering if there was a way to swap it out with something more simple or a way to have x disabled at startup, I’ve tried to find a way but the only thing I’ve been able to find was on the ubuntu forums that did not work and I noting useful in arch forums because it doe not come with a gui login by default.

  • Hi, I’m sorry to hear of the trouble you’ve had with the default login screen. It would be very helpful if you could create an issue over on github including a paste2 link to your lightdm logs. The following log files are the most relevant:

    • /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log
    • /var/log/lightdm/x-*-greeter.log

    In the meantime you can install the GTK greeter for lightdm with:

    sudo pacman -S lightdm-gtk-greeter

    and then replace lightdm-webkit2-greeter in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf with lightdm-gtk-greeter


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