• accidentally deleted my administrator user /home/admin folders

    Please help:
    A fresh Antergos install with only one user (administrator) with the /home/admin folders on separated partition. This separated /home partition is accidentally deleted. :-( User is still there, but not possible to boot.

    How can i get in Antergos/Arch recovery mode?
    How can i recreate the /home/admin folders?
    Now best in same partition as /root.
    I know the root password and the password from the admin user.

    Thanks for fast answer.

  • Nobody nows more about this?
    This can’t be so difficult, only to know the exact commands to put in recovery shell. I have find ways to fix this but all for ubuntu and doesn’t seam to work on Antergos/Arch.

    I don’t need recovery, only to rebuild the /home folders from my admin (root) user. Rel directory is also empty?
    And this from the recovery shell in Antergos.
    I know the root password, no other users yet.

    Thanks for tips and tricks!

  • Solved by reinstalling Antergos and putting /home in / (root), so technically not solved, but ok. Antergos start to run smooth and i am happy.

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