• Logging in redirects me back to the login screen!


    Every time I try to log in, I put in my password, wait 3 seconds, see some flashing and then I return to the login screen. I am using gdm.

    Any suggestions?

  • Which session are you using? Gnome or Gnome on Wayland. For a start check it out Such behavior has happened to me on hardware not capable of running Wayland.

  • Are you using the AMD proprietary drivers?

  • @anarch I’m using just GNOME. Haven’t tried GNOME Wayland. To be honest, I don’t even know what the difference is.

    @Irakli No. My laptop has NVIDIA.

  • I had the same problem two weeks ago and ended up re-installing antergos on my system. Maybe by now someone has a clue on how to solve this problem.

  • @Jurij When you are at the login screen press CTRL + ALT + F2 login and type startx (not as root) It will probably show an error message.

  • @Irakli I, too, re-installed Antergos. The installation was succesful, but now I don’t see the flashes or get re-directed, now I just get an error saying my password isn’t correct even though it’s the same password that I specified during the installation. And instead of a gray background, it’s now a background of some kind of nature scene and and instead of a little box there’s a big white dialog where I put in my password. If you need to know then I chose GNOME during the installation process.

  • @Jurij When logging in there should be a box saying GNOME or GNOME Wayland make sure you selected Gnome and not Gnome wayland.

  • @Irakli I apologize for the late reply. I found out that my keyboard was acting up a bit and for some reason, it wouldn’t capitalize a specific letter in my password (it’s usually capitalized when I use the keyboard in Win8.1). This caused me to write an incorrect password without me realizing. When I created the password, I used another keyboard which worked. It wasn’t my main keyboard though, so when I switched I noticed what I describe in the beginning of this post. The manufacturers of my main keyboard have unfortunately not created any drivers for Linux users, but I managed to find and install a third-party driver. My keyboard works fine now.

  • please mark this solved, GDM does not give incorrect password warning? If that is the case please file bug report to GDM developers or maintainers.

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