• Slow Youtube videos

    Goods everyone,

    I install for first time Antergos and it is awesome, but I can’t watch videos propertly, I don’t know if my computer is to slow:

    2 GB of RAM
    Intel Atom 2-cores 1600Ghz
    No video card.

    Do you recommend me use another desktop environment? I use MATE and everything is fine, except that.

  • What browser are you using , try with different browser , what OS were you using previously , did you face this issue then .

  • You rocks buddy, in firefox works just fine, i’m using chromium, well that was easy i supposed.

    my last distro was manjaro but the same stuff, probably because the browser, i don’t know but i really happy with Antergos.

  • Welcome to Antergos!
    Please, will you check your thread as SOLVED

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