• Can add the budgie desktop into the installer settings?

    Hi, i love antergos and i use it from the developers release the first iso. I got a lot of problems at start and i use gnome always. 1 month ago i test budgie desktop and i fell in love with him, use the last gtk and is easy. I really love tis DE and i want a replace of gnome because this DE use too much RAM meanwhile im develop. Is easy to use and have this raven panel.

    I want open a petition and is that if the antergos team can add a option in cnchi to install it and not have to install the base system and install from the base system.

    I’m sorry if I have not expressed well, but failed when expressing myself in English.

  • Currently the staff have their hands full keeping up with what’s currently available in the installer and improving on it. You can start helping by looking into the package list file here and think what the optimal package list would be for others to enjoy Budgie :).

    You would make a new edition section like how the others are done and put in what you think is the optimal list for the average user. The installer automatically detects anything off the Arch repo.

  • +1 I really love Antergos and i want to use Budgie desktop too!

  • @rod.webdeveloper said in Can add the budgie desktop into the installer settings?:

    …i want to use Budgie desktop too!

    Guys, what do you mean with “Budgie desktop”? In Arch it’s very different from Budgie in Solus. It is very, very minimal in Arch.

    There are absolutely no high-level apps. There are no neither Office, nor Internet tools, no file manager(s), no terminal(s), except xterm, no sound, video, multimedia players and support, no games, no editing tools of any kind, Absoutely nothing.

    There’s only Budgie desktop itself, Budgie panel, menu and few other stanadrd Budgie applets, control panel and xterm. Stop. Nothing else.

    The user is free to add any software he wants to Budgie, but the default DE in Arch is nude and crude. Fully installed Budgie occupies only 2,5 G of disk space! Because doesn’t contain any application software.

    Budgie in Arch could be appreciated for its minimalism and ease-on-resources. Trying but can’t find anything else to appreciate it for.

    Just a very personal opinion, feel free to disagree with it :) .


  • @just you try use budgie? xD because budgie is a fork of gnome shell. In solus use gnome terminal, gnome-control-center, etc. In short, budgie uses half things of gnome. Solus is like cinnamon, but is more easy to use and keep the KISS philosophy. Use this packages: budgie-desktop and you can add the group gnome or install the things that you need like cinnamon. You can add the control center, bluetooth, and so instead of installing one to one.

    A fully installed Budgie dont occupies 2,5 gb you need install the gnome apps for fully working desktop.

    Sincerely, budgie seems better xfce or desktop lxqt and using technology gnome 3. Further it typically updated very often and is surprising. now this as cinnamon began, but eventually will change and become independent.

    What you’re saying is like if you install kde without plasmoids, dolphin etc. You only need add the packages to the list of download, and if i can help to integrate with cnchi i will do, only say me how to and i help.


  • @nexfran

    budgie is a fork of gnome shell.

    Well, this is not true. According to its devs (Solus Project) …
    “Budgie is the flagship desktop of the Solus Operating System and is part of the Solus Project. Designed with the modern user in mind, it focuses on simplicity and elegance. Written from scratch …”.
    I guess the reason why it is so minimalistic in Arch, @just , should be this…
    “…Written from scratch with integration in mind, the Budgie desktop tightly integrates with the GNOME stack, employing underlying technologies to offer an alternative desktop experience”.
    In other words, they created from scratch a DE of their own trying to emulate the look and feel og Gnome2. And because it would be impossible for them to develop and maintain a wide range of domestic apps, they took the smart way to integrate it tightly with the Gnome stack.
    They carry high hopes, though. With the support of the Ubuntu Mate lead dev, they are considering of a Ubuntu Budgie official flavor. Canonical s boss has accepted and should they are ready, it is going to be an official Ubuntu flavor from this16.10 release in October…

  • ive gotta say i havent used budgie that much but i think it would be a great desktop to add to the Antergos collection. something for people who want really light but openbox is maybe too much. just a very simple straight forward desktop. looks very nice 👌

  • @anarch its from Solus but isnt it pretty much a chromeOs Ripoff? it looks just like chromeOS. my mom loves how simple it is on her chromebook.

  • @megaman, to me it looks…Gnomeish (gnome 2, gnome 3, mate). 🤕 Here is a screenshot of it in…Antergos Gnome 3.14. I liked its set up
    I really don t know how light it will be after loading it with the gnome stack to make it workable. This fact, together with its current under heavy development state, would siscourrage me from choosing it. I would rather use Mate which ia also modern, low in resources, fast and configulable to a high degree…

  • @anarch https://www.linux.com/learn/which-linux-chrome-os-clone-right-you idk looks much more like chromeOS to me. i agree mate is a great choice for older hardware. cant go wrong with classic gnome 2 👍

  • Though we are way OFF TOPIC. In its default settings, Mate looks like Gnome2. But, as said before, it is highly configurable. Here it is made look like…Unity[link text]0_1462196897307_mate-unity.png

  • @anarch great look i just never liked that side unity bar. i think at the bottom is a better look.

  • Would it be difficult to add Budgie? I mean all you have to do is add it and some apps to the package list, then add a button for it in the UI template? And if you want to anterogsify it just install some dotfiles with an antergos-budgie-coonfiguration package?

    I Could be way off base here tho.

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