• i lost my package manger

    how can i get it back i deleted it

  • @zurielroach You don’t mention package manager’s name. There are different managers. I assume pacman is still working for you.

    First, look for the package in pacman’s cache:


    If it’s there, install it with:

    sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/package-name

    Otherwise, download the package from ALA (Arch Linux Archive). If the package name starts with the p letter, you may start searching for it directly from the p ALA page.

    Once downloaded, install it with the same command:

    sudo pacman -U /path/to/package/package-name


    If you’re referring to pamac or pacmanxg4, it is possible to download them either directly from ABS (Antergos Build Server) or from any server that holds [antergos] repo. These servers are listed in

  • how do i install it ? from the abs

  • @zurielroach said in i lost my package manger:

    how do i install it ?

    What, namely? A local package may be installed as described in the post above.

    from the abs

    Can’t figure out what does it mean.

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